FailProof B2B Sales Program
Do you need more structure in your sales operations so your business can generate predictable revenue?

The FailProof Sales Program is Ideal For B2B Companies with:

• owner driven sales departments

• 1 to 10 sales reps

• no formal sales system to drive reliable sales

• a lack of lead gen tools, sales tech and automation

• the need to adapt to a fast evolving sales landscape

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Effective follow-up is the easiest and fastest way to grow your sales. But it’s also the most neglected sales activity.

Grab this free training video now to learn why sales reps fail to follow up, the risks to your business, and how to dramatically improve follow-up in sales.

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FailProof Sales was created by Ruth van Vierzen, founder of REVSquared B2B Sales Agency. Ruth specializes in implementing proven B2B sales processes and technology to help small businesses generate more revenue.
Ruth van Vierzen
Founder, Creator of FailProof Sales Program

Successful Sales Reps Rely on Sales Processes

Support your sales reps with essential technology, automation and training.


Prospecting is one of the most nerve wracking ... and frequently avoided ... of sales activities. Eliminate prospecting paralysis and give your sales reps a proven process to approach prospecting with confidence and ease.


The fortune is in the follow-up! But did you know that 94% of sales people stop following up after the 4th attempt. Yet most sales are made between the 5th and 12th follow-up. Discover the proven follow-up techniques, scripts and more to dramatically increase your sales. If you’re ready to stop leaving sales on the table, this module is for you!

Sales Meetings

Those hot prospects aren’t sold yet just because you’ve booked the sales meeting. A badly executed presentation is very costly for your business. Do you have the essential elements to ensure engaging, consistent sales calls that move the needle towards a sales win?

Flexible Options to Suit Your Needs and Budget

How does the FailProof B2B Sales Program work?

FailProof Sales is an interactive, workshop-style live program that develops essential sales processes in your company. This is not a pre-recorded online course. Participants benefit from live trainings and are held accountable to complete tasks towards the completion of process build-outs for Prospecting, Follow-Up and Sales Meetings.

The program is delivered in both group and individual formats. A Discovery Call is the best way to determine which is the best program format for your company.

Ideal client profile leads and bonus training

Frequently Asked Questions

Not sure if the FailProof B2B Sales Program is right for your business? The FAQ's below may help.

How frequently do you run the group version of the program?

The group program is a dynamic experience that includes networking, peer learning and feedback. It’s run with a minimum of companies in exclusive niche markets. To be included in an upcoming group session, submit the form or book a discovery call so that your name is on the list to be contacted for the next program start.

How long does the program run?

Each program runs 6 to 8 weeks, but participants should plan to be available for the full 8 weeks. Participants should also plan to make themselves available for about 5 hours per week for the program’s live sessions, assigned tasks and one-on-one coaching.

Will this program help me if I don't have any sales reps on my team yet?

Absolutely! Many business owners manage and generate sales in the early years of running their companies. Essential sales processes will make your sales work more efficient and productive. And once these processes are in place, you will be able to onboard new sales reps much more quickly when you are ready to hire them.

Will I have to purchase new software during the program?

No, participants are not required to purchase sales tools during the program. However, high-ROI sales tools will be recommended during the program for you to consider bringing into your business if and when the time is right for you.

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